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New Street Square - Building Information

Architect: Bennetts Associates Architects
Developer: Land Securities plc
Contractor: Sir Robert McAlpine
Structural Engineer: Pell Frischmann 
Services Engineer: Cundall 
Landscape Designer: Whitelaw Turkington

New Street Square – Awards

RIBA Award
London Planning Awards - 'Best Built Project'
City Architecture Awards 2009 - overall winner
This square building is the Bennetts Associates designer. The unique well squared alignment compliments the New Street Square development, from shops to Cafes juxtaposing each other and adjacent office buildings keeping the structure simple.

Bennetts Associates is designer for this square building. A new public square forms the heart of Bennett Associates’ New Street Square development, with pedestrian routes radiating from each of its four corners. Caf├ęs and
 shops adjacent to office entrances animate the street scene. Although the tallest element in the scheme is 18 storeys, varying building heights ensure that maximum sunlight penetrates the square.

The main aspect to the design of the buildings where that it had senses of open space and clarity with an overwhelming element of nature at its best with growing green wall, opening to a public’s areas provided with great simple design as well as having, sculptures, lighting and artwork have been integrated of developments susses providing a common sense of rest, which is as clear at night as throughout the day.

The idea to generate a huddle of buildings and designs surrounding public space and to have a successful environmental blend in with the other buildings, would be a daring task in which in I believe with a systematic landscape theory and with usual City short Routes leading in and out of the city centre with the great open space that the building opens up to, has also allowed the architects to gain a larger scale of options of responding to different site and conditions and lighting effect  it might have to each other. Generally as a whole the growth of the designs success has provided a vast additional significance to its location and the history it flows to addition to the urban of London.

Through the south of Holborn circus you will witness the heart of this high-powered commercial region, with a positive look of square lining with cafes and restaurants, trees, shrubs, fern and grasses surround the five buildings cluster “green wall” around the main square. Over 64,000 square metres of office space is divided into flexible spaces on a human scale, creating new homes for businesses such as Deloitte, Speechly Bircham, Taylor Wessing and the Carbon Trust, among many others.

The palette of stone, glass and steel is softened by the inclusion of an attractive growing green wall, providing interest and character to the scheme. This urban regeneration project brings a new vitality to this area, as well as providing a new public space which has already had considerable local economic impact.
The whole engineer structure has a real transformation for this area, but in the same time keeps in line with its own history behind it. This idea reinstates old pedestrian routes, courts and alleys that once characterised the site, but tragically lost in the blitz. The main idea we want to establish is that there is a sense of urgency and excitement that is already coming outwards from New Street Square which this could greatly increase footfall for their retail and leisure customers.

As you can see this structure clearly attracts the modern day public, even with old feature it stills catapults the systematic view to extreme heights, you can also gather that the architect had a very high understanding of how everything was going to be built, needing deep concentration throughout.

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